Thursday, April 30, 2015


This is an older picture, being as I am down in DC with no way to really get any new pictures taken.  It sure depicts nice sunny weather, and birds enjoying that sun.

I have been waiting for this weather for quite a while.  When I was home in Illinois, we had 80 degree weather one day and most of the time it was in the lower 70,s and high 60's.  Hard to believe that May is almost upon us.  I really don't want to rush spring away, too quickly.  Of course, spring means lots of clean up and mud season.   I am actually looking forward to being able to spend a lot more time outside, even if it means I will be cleaning.

I might be losing my best helper this summer, the son is thinking of going to work with his dad.  Which means he will be gone during the week, also.  I get to do the mowing, raking, all the chores, planting the garden. (oh joy!)  It has been a while since I have had to do field work.  I don't know if I remember how. (hint, hint)

Have a great evening.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015


I don't know who watches the show, American Pickers, but we do.  While we were in Illinois, in one of my home towns, we came upon this antique store.  We didn't even notice the store front until we came back out of the store.  As we walked in I noticed the owner right away.  Frank Fritz, one of the stars of American Pickers.  I looked at the hubby and he looked at me and we both smiled and said yup, that is him.  We said hello and that we watch his show.  He really didn't comment to much and we decided that we really weren't too impressed with his personality.

I think that is the first time I really was even that close to a celebrity.   I really don't care if I get all that close to one again.  It really makes you realize that they are just like the rest of us.  Regular people and that they aren't all the much more special than we are.  They just get more publicity and usually have more money.

Hope you are having a great week.

Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Thank you and God bless

As most of you know, who follow facebook and my blog.  My father passed away on the 17th.  I have been away from home for two weeks and now I am down in Washington D.C. with the hubby.  I am trying to recuperate from the lack of sleep, stress and unhappiness.  I have this week and then it is back to the normalcy of farm life and weaving.  I am actually looking forward to it.  I miss my children very much and want to thank them for taking care of the farm while we have been away!

I love my sister and that is who I have been with for the last couple of weeks.  She is my best friend and I will miss her dearly.  I just wish we didn't have to live over 800 miles away.  I guess they say the heart grows fonder when you don't see each other everyday.  I even went to my mom's for coffee every morning I was home.  I will miss being with her and seeing her, (and her coffee that is weaker than mine and I don't need to use creamer with her coffee).

We did have fun even though we were going through some tough times.  I am just glad that we had each other to lean on.  Most of all I was glad to be able to see my dad before he went to heaven,  He will be missed.  

I want to say a very heart felt thank you for all that sent their prayers to me and I will be forever thankful for all the friends and family that I have.  My blogger and facebook friends are the greatest and I hope someday to meet you all.

Friday, April 10, 2015

Its gonna get you!

I heard Sara barking and I didn't see her as first, then I noticed her around the corner of the computer desk.  She was barking at the hose of the shop vac.  Sara has never seen the shop vac.  It was so funny, she finally got used to it and then she started to chew on the end of the hose.

It is what I use to get all the dog and cat fuzz off of the floor.  A dust mop and broom just doesn't seem to do as good as a job.

Hope you have a great weekend.

Thursday, April 9, 2015

Newest Toy

The son and hubby picked up their newest toy a couple of weekends ago.  It is a six horse, international 1922, throttle, governed engine.  The other one they have running was a three horse.  It runs but the six horse needs work.  The guys are well on their way to having a new hobby for the summer.

I fly Saturday to Chicago.  I am so not looking forward to it.  I get motion sick.  I heard that ginger works real well for motion sickness.   I am going to give it a try, along with the Dramamine and chewing gum.  Good thing I will only be up in the plane for just a little over an hour!

I will be taking another hiatus off of blogging for a while.  I had good intention of keeping up with the blog.  I decided to leave the computer home.  Less stuff to carry on the plane, I will be posting on facebook for those of you who use facebook.  I can use the smart phone for that!  It takes pretty darn good pictures.

Hope you had a great day.

Tuesday, April 7, 2015

Wood Lot

More work, but I can stay warm this next winter!

Hope ;you all have a great week.

Monday, April 6, 2015

Not much

All three dogs taking their naps.  You really can't see RJ, except for his legs.  Sara is scrunched behind Jake and the desk.  

Things have been pretty much the same.  Not a lot has changed, thus the reason I haven't really blogged all that much.  I was sick last week, and this week is just starting.  The hubby is on his way back to D.C. for the next two weeks at the least and then again, it might be for two months.  They are supposed to start working six days a week.  If he can get every other weekend off he will.

I will be flying out to Illinois in two weeks to see my family.  My father is not doing well, his cancer has spread to the brain, and they started radiation a couple of weeks ago and now they are doing treatments for the cancer in his neck and then they will be going to the one on his lung.  The radiation is making him very weak, he was admitted to the hospital today.  I might have to change my plane ticket to a sooner date.  I am waiting on whether it is serious enough to leave sooner or if to keep my ticket for the 18th of this month.

I hate to travel by plane, I get motion sickness when I fly.  I really try to avoid it if possible.  I usually take Dramamine the night before the flight and the day of the flight.  Plus chewing gum during the flight seems to help.

All the livestock is doing well, all the domestic animals are doing good.

Hope you have a great week.