Thursday, October 27, 2011

White and more white

This just happens to be the brilliant color of white that is coming down out of the sky. I was on the way home and it was raining from where I had left and not a half a mile from the house does the weather drop three degrees and it is snowing. Supposed to get our first hard frost tonight. We actually have freeze warnings out for it to get down to 29 degrees tonight. I am so not ready for this!!

Went and did my schedule for the spring semester. I thought I had a full schedule this semester, well next is even worse. I have five classes and will be at school everyday. I took Algebra again and decided that since I still had to take a math elective I might as well stick with Algebra and get it over with.

I will be taking, English, Algebra, Math of business finance, marketing, and introduction to economics. It shall be interesting!!

Well, that is all on the home front, hope you all have a great evening or what ever the time a day it is for you and when and if you decide to read my ramblings.
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Tuesday, October 25, 2011

My kind of horse!

This is a picture from the archives. The daughter went to Boston and took this picture. It was quite a while ago. But I wanted to post and I hate posting with no pictures!

Not much is going on around here EXCEPT that they are calling for snow Thursday and possibly more on Saturday, even a little of accumulation! Yuck!! I am so not ready for that. I still need to get snow tires for the car and we have no four wheel truck and that I will miss! Only in the forties to boot!

Went to get my new gun today and I just love it. It is going to fit on my hip just perfect! I had to buy ammo and then this weekend I think I will be doing more target practicing if the weather allows that is.

Thursday is our day to schedule for our spring classes. Means that I will know what my classes are going to be and how many days I will be going to school and for how long! I did get an one hundred on the mid term essay for writing!!! I am still getting an A in algebra and my business class is a B+ and that lovely computer class is a C. I am hoping that I can bring that up in the next assignment and test!! I still have six weeks before the semester is up.

Well, hope you all had a great day and I will be back.
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Monday, October 24, 2011


As you can see the leaves are pretty much done with the color of fall and now they are calling for snow towards the end of the week! We are supposed to get more of a chance come Saturday! Yes, I think the winter months are here to stay. Finally going to get down into the twenties also. I personally am never ready for winter, I hate the really cold weather but I guess it beats having 90 to 100 degree weather.

Had company over the weekend and we attempted to go fishing but it was rainy and not all that warm and of course we caught no fish :( Then sunday we went target shooting and had a blast (no pun intended ;)

We have been pretty busy the last month and the hubby and I both decided that next weekend we are taking the time and just stay home by ourselves and get ready for the up and coming winter. Hope you all had a great weekend and of course I apologize again for not blogging more often. Stay with me and I will get to being a little more regular (or try). Have a wonderful evening.
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Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Hunting Season

As you can see the guys do more scouting out back to see if any deer tracks are around. This year they have decided to put hay wagons out in the field and stack some hay on them and make shields to hide them from the deer and hopefully they can see some out in the fields. The son likes to turkey hunt but no sounds or evidence of those either! They haven't been too lucky in the past years of getting anything. I always keep my fingers crossed for them but no luck yet. Maybe this will be the year. I have to still take my hunter safety course before I can go and hunt with them. I told the hubby I would go out and just sit and listen for him because sometimes he doesn't hear the deer until they are right up to him. I can hear a whole lot better and maybe I will hear one coming before he does and then he can be ready when it comes into sight.

Hope you all had a great day.
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Monday, October 17, 2011

West View

This is the western view from the farm. It has been chilly here but not really all that bad. The winds have been blowing pretty good and a lot of the leaves have been falling fairly quickly. We all know that winter is fast approaching. We have been trying to get things buttoned up before snow flies but I don't think anyone is ever ready for that no matter how you try!

I have had a hard time getting out to the barn to get my weaving done and of course my deadlines are fast approaching also! I have 10 towels to get done and one table runner to get done before Christmas. Now that is a word I hate thinking about! Everyone around here wants a laptop computer and the hubby wants a gun safe. Sounds like a pretty darn expensive holiday to me!

Other than the normal day to day things, not a lot has been going on. Had company a week ago. He was up from the city and never been on a farm and we took him target shooting with the guns and then the hubby also showed him our forge and let him make his own thing, which was a letter opener. He bought a rug from me to take home to his apartment. It was a very nice visit.

Sorry about the posts being so far apart. The hubby would like me to post more often but I tell him homework has to come first! He has been great with all the changes that have been going on. He has been very patient with me, (good thing)! Hope you all are doing good and getting ready for the wonderful season of winter!
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Thursday, October 13, 2011

The end of summer

We do still have some flowers, but they are starting to die off now as you can see.  Not much going on around here and I have been pretty lax in taking pictures lately. 

We lost Paws, one of our cats a couple of weeks ago now, she was hit by a car and we new eventually that would happen.  She was our mouser, she would kill the mouse then drop it at our back door to let us know that she was doing her job!  Our other cat, Cloe, doesn't do much of anything but be a pain in the neck!

This weekend is going to be very busy with trying to get all the summer things put away for the winter, like the boat, the fish pond etc.

We are going to bring the fish down into the basement and put them into a stock tank with a pump.  We have a very warm basement because of the wood stove pumping the hot water to the basement.

Hope you all have a wonderful evening. 

Wednesday, October 12, 2011

New Loom / New Project

As you can see, I now have a loom that is larger and has more ways to make very pretty designs. This is the next set of towels that I am doing for my dentist! I think it is so awesome. I finally was able to get a start on the project. School has taken up so much of my time that it has been hard to get up into the barn. Things are getting easier now and so it doesn't seem to take as much of my time.

I have gotten my first test grades, and I am so proud of myself, in Algebra (the hardest). I got a 93 % on the test! Yippy! My business class I got an 85% which is still a B and the only class so far that I am not liking all that well and that is Micro-computers! The main problem is the teacher! He goes through things so fast and doesn't go back at all. I am hoping that I can at least keep my grade high enough to pass the class, because that is one of the required for my degree.

Other than all the lovely stuff, not a heck of a lot is going on around here. I did sell a rug and a set of towels over the weekend, which was very nice!

Hope you all have a great night.
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Thursday, October 6, 2011

Whatcha lookin At!

He loves to come over and get pets and just see what I am up too! He also loves to come over and crowd me when it comes to feeding time also. Its time for the hubby to clean out their pen but with all the rain it makes it a little hard to spread manure when the fields are soaked. The big guys are starting to look taller than the fence!

Hope you all had a great day.
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Monday, October 3, 2011

Show and tell

We went up to the gun show in Old Forge. The weather was gloomy and wet. Was not easy trying to get a good picture of everyone as they just did not want to cooperate! The daughter was home from college for the weekend and it sure was nice having her home for a few days! The bottom picture is just one of the many creeks we saw on the way up and the fall colors are not going to be as nice this year, as it has been pretty darn wet and a lot of the leaves have fallen. Bought another hand gun.  I still have a ways before I am even with the hubby and his long rifles. Not much going on other than that. Had another load of logs come in yesterday and I will be posting pictures of how they come and how they are unloaded. Have a great evening.
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Sunday, October 2, 2011

Saturday, October 1, 2011

Weaving (rag rugs)

Posted by PicasaYou have always seen my towels and table runners.  I had to show you the rag rugs that I also weave.  These are fun to weave and very easy also.    I wanted to give you an idea about all the things that I am able to weave.  I plan on starting another blog that will have all my weaving projects only, but that will be a while yet.  I want to get used to school first and get into the routine of school and things that have to be done on the farm and the weaving end.   Then I will do the new blog.  So, I hope you have a wonderful day!