Thursday, December 29, 2011

Oh to be young again!

The son loves this homemade go cart! He has had more fun with this thing than anything else, I have to say though that he is getting a little to tall for it. How he scrunches his legs up enough to ride it is unbelievable!! I have even drove it myself and love it! I tell the hubby we need to make a track out back and buy a couple for fun. Good luck with that, he tells me! We still have the old tire swing and they still have a blast with that darn thing as you can well.

Hope you all have a great evening.
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Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Project

The top picture is a 16 yard warp that I am getting ready for the next weaving project that needs to be done by the time the family get together is on the 13th. The second picture is the design in the book that I will be doing, of course it will look a lot different woven into cloth than the picture does in the book. The last picture is the loom that the project will be going on. That was my job for the day. I also ended up putting plastic up on the windows in the weaving room in the barn. The wind blows a hundred miles an hour and boy does it get chilly up there. This year I decided to put plastic up and hope to cut down on the cold air seeping into the room.

The day was chilly and just a tad windy (like 40 mile an hour winds all day)! Hope you all had a great day.
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Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Work Site

New York City

Matt's Drill

This is one of the last jobs that the hubby drilled at and he had a wonderful view of New York City. He is now on a plane headed to New Orleans, LA. He is not happy about being on a plane. He would rather drive his company truck with all his tools! But you have to do what the company says and he is working!! He is very glad that he is not going down there in the middle of the summer months though! He is not one for the extreme heat. It is only supposed to be in the mid to upper 60's there. He also is going to be gone for at least three weeks. Good thing we don't do much for the New Year. I am going to have to bring in the New Year with the son this year.

Not calling for much snow for a while which is good. I hate getting snow storms when the hubby can't get home. But by the sounds of it he will be going to Ohio after he gets back or shortly there after and I will still have to contend with the snow. I at least have the wonderful son to help out. Good thing I am used to handling things on my own. That is one thing the hubby has taught me and that is how to take care of myself.

Hope you had a wonderful Christmas. I got a lot of new cloths and a new carhart vest and boy do I love that. I am not one for vests but I really like this one. Only one weaving project I did not get done but she understands and told me not to worry about it. (Thanks Inny!!) I am thinking of putting on another project of weaving for the family sibling get together in a few weeks. It will take some long hours and lots of weaving but I think I can do it being as I have no school until the 24th. I still have not gotten any final grades yet. I am hoping this week or early next week.

Hope you all have a wonderful day.
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Saturday, December 24, 2011

Merry Christmas, From Lisa

I know that tomorrow won't allow me to take time to blog, so I will get my well wishes to you all and wish you a wonderful day tomorrow and I will be thinking of all my wonderful friends that I have made from my blog. Thank you for sticking around even though my latest blogging attempts have been Spartan. Have a Very MERRY CHRISTMAS!
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Friday, December 23, 2011

Christmas Plants

I didn't do a lot but I did decide to put some Christmas bulbs on my house plants!

We did the Audubon Bird Count today, I should say the hubby and his siblings did anyway. I went on the last part of the trip. It started out a very cloudy day but they did see some birds not a big variety of ones though.

Now we are home and enjoying the evening and waiting for tomorrow to come then it is baking pies and wrapping the last of the gifts for Christmas. Hope you all had a great day.
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Thursday, December 22, 2011

Lefsa (South View Farm style)

Posted by PicasaLefsa is a Norweigen, flatbread and if you follow Far Side of Fifties blog she and her hubby also make these.  My family started making these when my mom married my step dad.   My step grandparents made them every year for Christmas along with oyster dressing.    Now the hubby and I make them most years.   We love them, they are made with (we use fresh mashed potatoes) instant potatoes, evaporated milk and butter and lots and lots of flour, but FSOF puts honey in hers and I think next year we will try that ourselves!   She is right,  everyone has their own way of making them.  The hubby uses the griddle and I do the rolling out.  It tooks us most of the day to do a batch.  It is not a fast process, but our industrial mixer sure helped us this year with them.   Hope you all have a great day.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

One down......

Posted by PicasaI delivered my first set of towels today.  I have all the towels woven and now I am in the process of finishing them up and this is the first set that I finished and delivered this afternoon.  I still have fourteen left to do and then all done. 

Tomorrow is the last day of school for this semester, yippy!  I have three tests to do for tomorrow.  Then hopefully I will have a good idea on what my grades will be until the official ones come in the mail after the first of the year.

Getting closer to being ready for the Christmas season.   Still have plenty of shopping to do though and that is the worst part of the whole thing!  I think the worst of everyone comes out when you are shopping. 

No snow as of yet but I am hoping we get a little for Christmas, I personally love it when it is white outside for Christmas.  Hope you all have a great evening.

Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Not so wordless

Here I go again, no pictures, have found myself not having the time to take pictures. 

We are getting rain and it is supposed to get cold and south and east of us are supposed to get some accumulation of snow.   Hopefully it stay away from us.

Nothing much new on the home front.  Thinking about finally getting a Christmas tree this weekend.  We always get a fresh tree, no fake one for us.  I think we have only had one fake tree in the 27 years we have been together.  I just love the smell of a tree in the house.   Not looking forward to trying to put away my nicknack's to make room for the Christmas stuff.   That seems to be a chore in itself.  I hate that they commercialize Christmas before Thanksgiving!  I don't know about you all but by the time Christmas actually gets here, I am ready to put it away and be done with it.

Hope you all have a great night.

Monday, December 5, 2011


Stooges, not three but four. I think they are all up to no good too! This was taken at Dad's eightieth birthday party and I tell you what, it was a very rowdy day.

Not much going on. The weather is still holding out so far and I had to do a speech in writing class and if I got an A on the speech I was done for the semester and didn't have to do the final. I did it!! I held an A in the class for the whole semester and now I am done with that class, now just three more to go. I am going to get out of having to do my Algebra final also because I have an A in that class also! No finals in Micro computers!!!! The only class left in my Business class and we shall see. That is my school news for now.

I have been pretty busy trying to get weaving done before Christmas and boy do I have a lot of work to do! Christmas is fast approaching and like always I am a leave it until last kind a gal. I do better under pressure ;) Hope you all have a good evening.

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Sunday Stills (back lit)

Yesterday was a great day for this. Sun was shining all day. Hope you all have a great day.

Friday, December 2, 2011

I am still Alive

I bet you all thought that I gave up on blogging.  No, I haven't it just has been one of those things that school and weaving and of course the farm has taken a lot of my time and I find that I don't want to spend hours at the computer.  When I am done for the day I really am too tired to do much of anything.  

The livestock are doing good so far, no big issues.  All except a week ago I brought the horses in the barn for the night and the boys happened to see one of the lights on in the barn and went to shut off the light and they walk in and what do they do? Step in horse __it!  Turned the down stairs lights on and there is Annie roaming around the barn, someone, (we won't mention who) must of forgot to shut the stall door the right way!  She got out and the feed bin lid was off and she was a munching away at the hay in the other stall.  I don't think she ate the grain much because the level of the bin was pretty much the same.  She didn't colic and her feet are good so, that was a good sign!  Now we double check the latches!!!

The weather has been holding out pretty good so far, no snow and the daytime as been in the forties or fifties most of the time and at night down in the thirties.  I like that real well, but we all know that is not going to last.

School has been going great, my brain has finally started functioning good.  I have only two weeks left and this semester will be done and hopefully I will have no finals to do.  Then a good month off!!!   I just hope my brain stays in the school mode until I go back. 

Hope you all have a great weekend.