Monday, April 30, 2018

Back for now!

No pictures this time, but I will as soon as the son gets my computer up and running. 

Good news, I have now lost the weight, I have been wanting to lose.   I have to now maintain that weight loss.  I feel great and more energized.  I want to now concentrate on getting in better shape, physically. 

I have posted on Facebook some awesome pictures of my vacation to Washington state.  I will be posting more on my blog soon.  I had such a great time with the hubby, that I am going back out the last day of May for another week!  I love going home, but I love to see our great country, also.  I told the hubby, that next year's vacation  is going to be going to the Dakota's and maybe to Wyoming, also!  I have always wanted to visit the Black Hills, Mount Rushmore, and of course a couple of wonderful friends that live out that way!

Hope you are all doing good. Talk to you tomorrow.