Wednesday, August 31, 2016

This was the storm clouds a couple of weeks ago.

Things have been pretty busy.   Along with working, I have been taking riding lessons to regain my confidence and seat.  I am doing a lot of bareback riding.  I tell you, that is hard work!  I stay on pretty good as long as they walk, then they pick up the trot and I do good for about 20 steps then I start to slide off.  It has only been 5 times of lessons.  I am slowly, gaining confidence and getting my seat.  I found the perfect barn, the lady is wonderfully nice, and she is pretty darn good for a lady in her 70's.   I have been learning a lot.  She will come and work with my horse and I, when I am ready to get to that point.  Right now it is I, that needs the practice and work!!

I have pretty much put weaving on the back burner for now, but I really need to get back at it.  I want to do a couple of shows this winter and I really have nothing to sell.  It has been too darn hot to work out in the barn, so I have held off working out there.  We took my air conditioner out and put it in the house.  So, there went my cool air.

Matt was gone for a couple of weeks, he was down in North Carolina.   So, some stuff at the farm was not done and now we have to hurry up and get some things done before the cold weather comes in to stay.  I just wonder, what kind of winter we are going to have this year!

Hope you are doing good, I keep up with most of you on facebook!  Take care and have a wonderful day.

Monday, August 1, 2016


It was a great weekend of relaxation, we didn't do much.  We went Kayaking on Saturday and Saturday night we took the kids to see Spam Alot at the local performing arts theater.  Then Sunday we put up some broccoli, and cauliflower.  Pretty much spent the rest of the day just sitting and relaxing.  The rain put the ca-bosh on doing anything outside.

The lake we went Kayaking on was way too habit-ed,  One side was lined with houses and the other side nothing, and then it was over grown with too many weeds.  Next week, we are hoping to go some where, that don't have houses and more wild life!

Kayaking is the hubby's and my new hobby to do together, where we can spend some quality time together.  If I had two horses that were trust worthy not to pitch someone off, I would love to try to get him to do that.  Alas, I have only one horse that I would trust to not pitch us off.  The hubby says he can't afford to end up in the hospital. (I agree, he makes the big bucks ;=)   )  

Summer is fast approaching its end, that is for sure.  We still have hay to bring in and wood to cut.  It will get done, in the nick of time, that is.

Hope you are having a great summer.