Wednesday, April 30, 2014


I finished the table runner.  I also did one in white linen, but I couldn't get the pictures to turn out like I wanted to.    I will try to get better pictures and then post those.   The pictures just don't do the runner justice!  I spent the last couple of days sewing ironing to get the table runners done and then I did some dish cloths also and I had around 12 of those to do also.  Now I am going to start doing some rag rugs for a client.   Something a little different for a while.

I did not go to NJ this week. The hubby just didn't know if he was going to be down there or back home earlier in the wee.  I decided that instead of waiting to find out what he was going to be doing the rest of the week, I would just wait until next week when he goes down, if he goes!

Rain has decided to stay with us for the next five days.   Not calling for a break until Sunday, if even then.   Have flood watches out for tonight into tomorrow morning.   Just what the people around here need, another flood!

Hope you are having a good week.

Monday, April 28, 2014


It sure is nice to see the lovely signs of spring.  We bought some strawberries yesterday and planted them in the arbor that Matt made last year.  The strawberries we planted last year did not grow.  We had planted them from roots that we bought at Wal-Mart, this year we actually bought plants at Lowe's and hopefully we will actually get to see strawberries develop!

We went to the farm auction down the road Saturday and it started out as nice day then the clouds rolled in and the last part of the sale it decided to rain and the wind picked up.  Needless to say I was soaked and tired of standing and ready to hit the nice hot shower by the time we made it home.   We did buy ourselves a hay elevator and a beater for the paddles to put on our manure spreader (2 bucks), can't beat that price!  We also bought a finishing mower to mow the apple orchard with!  

Well, off to New Jersey after today for the rest of the week, it will be a nice break away for a while.  The walls are closing in on me and I am ready for a small change!  Hope you have a great week!

Thursday, April 24, 2014


My father in law bought me the stepping stones with the horse heads and the last one with the saloon, then one day the hubby went to get more stone and I saw the hitching post and the barrel racer.  The ones I bought last year at the end of the season and now I have to decide where their permanent home is going to be.   Two of them are set in the pond area among the blue stone.

Had a blustery day, but it wasn't too cold and the sun was shining.  Which made for a good day.

Wednesday, April 23, 2014

Old but new

This bench has been sitting in the basement then in the garage for quite some time.   The hubby finally put it together this weekend and we put it out by the pond.   I haven't decided for sure where I will put it.   We have decided to redo the pond and I have other outdoor furniture that I put in the same place.

Today Sirocco has been taken to his new home for a month or so.  I am hoping that he will come back a ride able horse that I can feel safe on.  I will be going to visit him quite often being as he is only about 10 minutes away!   The first time he was taken to training, the lady was an hour away and I was working full time.  Which made it very hard to spend time at the trainers, so that I could watch and learn how they worked with him.   This time I have the time and I can go watch and learn and Brian is going to take him out on trail rides to get the time put in the saddle on him.   He is also a lot cheaper than the last time.    The ground work has been done now it is time for the saddle time.   Brian just happens to be 20+ years younger than I am, so if he gets bucked off, he will come back a lot better than I would!  Once was enough for me!  Or should I say the fourth time would be!

Have a great day.

Sunday, April 20, 2014

Happy Easter!

Things are starting to green up and look like spring in the pond area.   We have a lot of cleanup to do around the pond and the yard.  The hubby and I was discussing about taking out some of the old pond and making it bigger.  The waterfall started leaking last year.  We decided that it was time do something different with it this year.  We have  lot of invasive plants that are taking up the whole area, so we are going to rip them out and hopefully keep them from spreading again. (black-eyed Susan's, irises, bunching onions, etc.)

I have all yellow irises, and we stopped at the sister-in-laws and she was so nice and gave us some purple ones!  She also gave us some garlic chives, I have just the regular ones.   I also bought some new flowers to plant around the outside of the pond area!

We went out yesterday (the hubby, son and I)  and did some skeet shooting with the 12 gauges!  I had never did skeet shooting and never shot a 12 gauge shotgun before either.   I started out not hitting any of the birds, but by the time I got onto my third set of shells, I was finally hitting the birds.  The hubby told me what I was doing wrong, then I got the hang of it and started hitting them!   I think that is one sport the we will be doing a lot more often!   The hubby told me to start buying ammo every week so that we can go out and do skeet shooting on the weekends.

Hope you all had a lovely Easter and weekend.

Friday, April 18, 2014

Pile it up

Now that the wood shed is just about empty, it is time to fill it up again for next winter.   We had one load delivered and we will have at least another one delivered in the next month or so.   Work is never done.  

Not a whole lot going on.  The weather has still been improving, the snow didn't last a day.   That is one thing about this time of winter, any snow that falls usually doesn't last long.   We have been having anywhere from 50 to 70 degree weather.   I am not going to complain too much.   I am glad just to see the warmer weather.
Hope you have a great weekend.

Monday, April 14, 2014

Going down

This was the sunset yesterday.  It has been a pretty nice couple of days.  It has been up in the 70's and the winds have been blowing like crazy.   It sure dries the ground a lot quicker.  The only thing is that the rain is coming back again tonight and then back down in the 50's for the next few days.   Mother nature is teasing us.

I am looking forward to spending some time in the saddle this year and working with the horses more.   Now that school is done, I am hoping to spend a little more quality time with them, when I am not doing the weaving.

I have bought quickbooks to try to do all of my book work on for the farm and weaving.  I was told that it isn't too bad to navigate around in.  I am used to doing things on paper, it will be different doing it on a computer program.   I guess that is why I went to college, and that is to learn how to do all this business stuff, and now I will be able to put it to work.  (the college education)

Have a great week.

Saturday, April 12, 2014


I want to say thank you to JB for making me a new flank billet for my saddle.   He did a fantastic job.  The only thing left is to get a few screws and nails replaced at the point of the jockey and the cantle, then I will be ready to ride in my favorite saddle again.  Don't worry, JB, I don't care if it matches or not!   I  probably didn't even need to replace it, but I figure it was on the saddle when I bought it, so I might as well use it!
Now that spring has sprung, I will be getting some riding time in.

Hope you are having a great weekend.

Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Cover up

The curtains are done, nothing fancy!  If you click on the picture you will be able to see the pattern.  I have had this fabric,that I wove at work, for quite some time.  The hubby told me I better get some curtains in the room; where he usually gets dressed.   We would hate to have someone walk onto the porch at the same time he is getting dressed!   The back porch door is the one that everyone goes to when they come to visit.  We hardly ever use the front  door.   I don't want to scare anyone either! (if you know what I mean)

We got another load of  logs in for fire wood.  We were getting pretty low on the wood, good thing the season is almost over!  I will post some pictures of the pile tomorrow.

Bye for now!

Monday, April 7, 2014

What's knew!

This is the next table runner that I am starting.   I was pretty amazed on how well the last one sold.  The client said that I didn't charge enough and he gave an extra 30 dollars.  I will post a picture once I have a little more woven.

I am still lacking on the blogging.  I find myself with not a lot to say, therefore, I don't blog.   I will keep blogging but they will not be regular postings.  When I feel that I have something to report, I will blog.  I will try to keep up with you.  Don't feel bad if I don't post.  I am reading your blogs all the time, just don't have the time sometimes to comment to you all.

Have a wonderful week.

Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Now Double Dutch

The hubby finished the dutch doors.  We use the back porch, but when we go away for the day, we like to leave the dogs locked in the porch, so that they don't get on my furniture.   The only room the dogs are not allowed in is the living room, because Jake would sneak onto my furniture and now that I have leather furniture there is no way he is going to be allowed in there.   I do not let them into the living room and if we don't lock them out when we go away, they will go right to the furniture!   The old gate was a real al -cheap- o!  I also, leave the dogs on the back porch during mud season until they dry off!

Hope you are having spring weather!