Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Hidey Cat

I use a small red crate on my desk to help keep things organized.  I had taken out some of my stuff to take down to NJ and didn't get around to unpacking my computer bag.  Chloe decided that it would make the perfect cat box to hide in.

The weather hasn't changed much, we are still in the deep freeze and the snow is still piling up, whether than melting.   The snowplow decided to wipe out our mailbox over the weekend.  The guys put it back up using steel instead of a wooden post.  They even used bright neon pink paint to paint the mailbox.  Hopefully the plow can't miss it the next time.  It doesn't help when the snow banks are taller than the box!

Not much else going on here at the farm.  Stay pretty close to home most of the time and I don't do much with the horses during the winter months.  I am a pansy because I don't like to be out in the cold if I don't have too.  I would make a horrible rancher!  I would probably be found frozen on my horse.  I seem to not be able to stay warm when I am outside for any length of time.

Hope you are having a great week.

Thursday, February 19, 2015

Still Cold

Even the birds don't like being out in the deep freeze!

Down in NJ this week.  It was time to clean the house and just enjoy a few days of peace and quiet.  Catching up on paper work, and getting organized for this years new expenses and income (if any).  I am going to do some craft fairs this year and hopefully make a go of the weaving.

By tomorrow, I will be ready to go home and go back to the old grind.  I don't mind getting away once in a while, but once Friday gets here I am ready to hit the house.  I now know, why the hubby hates going anywhere when he gets home on Friday nights.  To think he usually spends the whole week all by himself, boring (when he isn't working and sleeping).

The cold is still with us and the snow.  The cold is supposed to break a little bit come Sunday and into next week.  Just into the 20's and maybe the low thirties.  Better than the single digits and below zero.

Have a great night.

Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Lets Play

The dogs love to play in the snow.  (but not for too long)  The cold weather hasn't detoured the dogs when it comes to wanting to be outside and play.  Jake will try hopping over the snow banks that are about three times his size!   They are comical to watch sometimes.  Other times he is a pain, because it will be -10 or below and he will want to stay outside and pick the perfect spot to go potty! I have to keep an eye on him because as soon as my back is turned, he will run off to the neighbors!

Hope everyone is enduring the cold weather.  Stay warm and have a great week.

Sunday, February 15, 2015

Please spring visit us!

 Now you see them......
Now you don't.......

We -10 degrees right now and wind chill factors are -40 to -50.  It has been a while since we have seen these kinds of winds!  At one point we couldn't even see the end of the drive way.   I sure am waiting for the spring thaw to happen.  (someday)

Other than that not much is going on at the farm.  Plowing snow,  cutting wood, chores, the things that need to be on the farm.   Life is pretty regular and boring.

Have a great evening.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Cold (a little bit)

Yesterday morning was just cold enough to make some wonderful frost on the weeds and twigs sticking up out of the snow.  After tonight, we will really have a reason to have frost,  We are going down to the single digits and with wind chill factors, -25 to -30 degrees.  Winter definitely is not done with us yet.

Saw the accountant today and we are well on the way to getting the taxes done for another year.

Not much else going on.  We stick pretty close to the house in the winter months.  I will be back out in the barn weaving again next week.  (that is if I don't go back to NJ)  So, needless to say, not a lot to report at the farm.

Hope you have a great evening.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015

My snow dunes!

 We have a total of about 16 inches of snow.

I liked how the snow drifts were like sand dunes.  I tried taking pictures of them.  They didn't turn out to bad.  I will have lots more winter pictures for the next few days.  I went out with the camera this morning and decided to take lots of pictures.  

The weather is supposed to turn cold again.  We have had 20's for the last few days.  I see the weatherman is predicting teens and single digits for the rest of the week.  Brrrrrr

Tax paper work is all done and ready to hand over to my accountant tomorrow!  I really hate getting things ready at the end of the year!  Well worth the work for us though.  We usually don't end up paying in!  (not much anyway)

Hope you are warm!

Tuesday, February 10, 2015

Hungry or Impatient

Thunder is always very impatient when it comes to being fed.  I actually take the carrot stick(another word for a whip that really is not a whip) with me when I do feeding, so that he stays out of my personal space.  He would otherwise run right over me to stay out of the other horses way, and to get to the feed pan first!    He stands at the gate and fence stomping his hooves just to get my attention!

The snow storm is over and we probably have around 12 to 14 inches on the ground, with  another 2-4 inches on the way Thursday.

Hope you have a great week.  Now it is back to doing book work for taxes.

Monday, February 9, 2015


 Our trip to Vermont was very eye opening.  Someone is very talented and doesn't mind wasting hay.  We also saw one where they did a Semi truck in red, but I didn't get the picture.
 One of the things that we saw a lot of and that was solar panels.   This particular property had like 10 rows of the panels.
 The hubby and I thought that these silos on the back of this barn were pretty neat.
We have thought of moving out of New York state and going to Vermont.  They do have the mountains and trees.  He wants to go to a state that has the changing weather and yet have trees and mountains.  We thought of going west, but the husband does not like dry arid climates that have no trees and mountains.

My birthday weekend turned out to be a lovely time.  We went to the Vermont Teddy Bear company and antiquing.  We went out to a lovely restaurant for dinner on Friday night.  We were going to stay Saturday night and go to the ice castle, but unfortunately, we had the car and the weather predicted 8 to 14 inches of snow and had storm warnings out.  We decided that we really did not want to get caught in Vermont with the car and not make it home.  So, needless to say we were home by Saturday evening.

Wednesday, February 4, 2015

Lazy Day

Annie decided to take a nice relaxing day.  Today was a good day to do it.  It was reasonably warm and no snow flurries.    She had her head down, until I called her and her head popped right up at my voice.

Hump day.  Just one more day and the hubby and I take off for the weekend.  He hates leaving home when there is so much to get done.  I'm glad he is doing it for me.  We don't go that often, he is gone all week and hates to leave home when he gets back on the weekends.  He even took Friday off of work just for me.  Love him dearly!  Thanks, honey!

Hope you have a great day.

Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Still Bird Watching

I set the camera up, and I have been trying to get some good pictures of the birds that come into the feeder.  Two of my favorites are the Cardinals and the Blue Jays.  I haven't been lucky enough to catch the Blue Jays yet.  I will though!

We only had around 10 inches of snow fall yesterday.  Last night the temperatures dropped and with the wind chill factor, the temperatures today are close to zero or below.  With those temps, I think the snow will be staying for a while!

Stay warm and dry!

Monday, February 2, 2015

All Done!

The throws turned out just great!  They shrunk just a little more than I wanted them to.  They are still long enough and wide enough for someones lap!  I will be sending one to my dad and selling the other one.  Unless I decide to give to a family member.
So far we have gotten 9.5 inches of snow and it is still snowing.  The son is out plowing the snow that we have already gotten.   Hopefully the next time he has to go out, we won't have much for him to plow.  They predicted 8-14 inches, so we could still get 4.5 inches or more yet.  

Not much else is going on at the farm.  Staying indoors and just taking it easy.  Finished the blankets and working on doing some paper work and getting the hang of using quickbooks.   Hope you have a great week.