Monday, January 17, 2011


Well, I don't know if this picture qualifies as a macro but here you have it. RJ is still going strong after he was hit by a truck. He is all better and still gets around great!

Nothing really new going on at the farm. One of the big steers shed its horn this morning and everyone panicked when they saw all the blood, except me. I just called my local farmer friend and asked if that was normal and he said yes, don't worry about it. Blood was all the way down the side of his face. Not a pretty sight but he is OK.

Was down below zero this morning with the wind chill factor but the sun is shining and it looks pretty out there, even if it is colder than heck. They are calling for one day of above freezing which isn't all that great because they are calling for freezing rain and I sure hope we get the snow and let the southern part of the state get the rain!

Finished JB's saddle blanket and sent it off to him Friday afternoon, and hopefully he has it by Wednesday at the latest. Turned out a lot better than I expected. If it goes well I will be making more. I still have some warp left and I think I will be sampling different things and hopefully improving on the design and so on.

Hope you all have a wonderful day and stay warm for those of us that live in the cold weather climates!
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Laughing Orca Ranch said...

I'm glad that RJ is doing well after his injury. He sure is cute.
I had no idea that cattle shed their horns. One of my goats was disbudded as a kid, but he still gets scurs that sometimes break off when he gets to playing and head butting with my other goats. All that blood can be alarming, but you're right, not a big deal.


threecollie said...

The saddle blanket was a beauty, like everything you weave. Nice shot of RJ. What an old sweetie he is! And thanks for the flower pots.

SouthernSass said...

I think RJ is a great subject and I am so happy to hear he is doing well. Sorry about the cold weather - hope you get a break from the snow soon and that the ice stays away!

Kelly said...

Here's hoping things look up this week. While we're happy to send the cold weather, snow and ice your way, I'm sure you'd rather us keep it :)

CTG Ponies said...

RJ is a cutie! That freezing rain completely sucks. It's what we are dealing with today on top of 3 inches of fresh snow.