Monday, February 7, 2011


Well, we have had a foot of snow and rain and sleet.  Woke up on Sunday, which was my birthday and had to get the kids and hubby up because, what do I come down the stairs, too? , a very wet floor, the ceiling is leaking and had to have everyone up on the roofs to push the snow and ice off of them, I did the chores while they did the shoveling, I had the good job!  (but it was my birthday, so I thought that was a fair trade)   Now tonight into tomorrow they are calling for more rain, sleet and snow.  3 to 5 inches of the lovely stuff!

I drove down to New Jersey Friday around 10 o'clock and got down there around 1:30 thinking the hubby had to work over the weekend and what happens, I am not even there for 2 hours and find out that he doesn't have to go to work until Monday night and we had bad weather coming in on Saturday so I turned around and drove back home Friday night around 8 p.m. and got home around 11:10.  

Hmmm, now I know why the husband is so tired after working all day on a Friday then driving home after work.  By the way, from our home to New Jersey is a three hour drive and for the hubby if he is driving from the city to home it can take him up to or longer than 4 hours to get home.

Did I tell you that I hate to drive?  Well, I do!! 

Today was a busy day also, went to the dentist to be told that a root canal is in the very near future like the 24th of this month.  Then it was to the vet with the cat for her shots.   I have four indoor animals, two dogs and two cats and I have so far taken, RJ, Jake, Paws and next week it is time for syco  Cloe  the other cat  to go for her shots (the first set of shots for her and then it will be time for the female parts to go bye bye after that!)  Its that time of month for her and if you have never had a cat in the house when it is that time believe me you aren't missing much, or should I say you are very glad that you are missing it! 

Well, that is my news for the last five days hope you all have a good evening!


5 Starr's Farm said...



Was all that water on your pretty new floors?...Hope not...

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Belated Birthday..I hope you had a great day!
Yuck with the wet floors and leaking ceilings..seems to be lots of that going around in places that don't get much for snow..hope you got it all cleaned up:)

Linda said...

Happy Birthday. I'm getting so I hate driving much too.

threecollie said...

Poor Lisa....this has been a hard winter hasn't it? I hope Mappy passed along my birthday wishes on Sunday, but if he didn't belatedly I hope it was good except for the roof part and all. I don't drive unless I have to and I do mean have to. I admire you for tackling a drive to NJ. You take care.

Anonymous said...

Dang! Sorry I missed your birthday, but happy Late birthday!

Cat's in heat. Had a Siamese where I boarded out in high School. Man! There ain't nothin' as noisy and tiresome to hear as a Siamese cat!

gtyyup said...

Happy Belated Birthday Lisa!! How awful to have the roof leaking like that! Be thankful it didn't collapse!

Better days will be coming!

Shirley said...

Belated happy birthday! Not a great way to start the day, was it? I hope it is a good year for you, and hang in there- it'll be spring soon!