Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The good and the Bad

I think that this is our permanent scene outside our window. Except the fog has made its way in also with the rain and clouds. The stream that usually is dry most of the year is now running pretty hard with lots of water and no end in sight. It sure is a wet spring. I heard on the news about the flooding in other parts of the US and not a good scene that is for sure. We go from extreme winter that wants to last to the rains that want to keep on going. Mother nature sure has it in for us this year!

Enough on the weather forcast, we as humans seem never to be happy with the weather, but you have to agree that the snow lets people have lots of fun skiing on snow skis and making snow men and having snow ball fights for fun, and then you have the rain that lets things grow nice and green and brings up our favorite flowers every year and gives us great things to eat later in the year! So, no matter what we think of the weather it sure does have its good points! I forgot that when the really hot weather comes we can go play in the water to get cooler if need be.

No matter the weather it sure is nice to be able to go out and enjoy not having to wear fifty different layers of clothing! I am looking forward to getting out and getting the pond already for the fish and to be able to out and watch the frogs come back and the hummingbirds go zooming by my head wanting to know where there feeders are! Have a great day.
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DayPhoto said...

Your sky looks like ours...I'm missing the sun. Really missing it. But the grass is turning green so that is a gift.


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Lise, yesterday it was cloudy and windy, but warm. today it's sunny and clear and cold. LOL Guess we can't have it all.

Far Side of Fifty said...

One day of sun and five days of rain and dreary clouds..I hate it..I want a little warmth soon:)

Shirley said...

Weary of the weather is a common theme on the blogs. Guess we should pray for some sunshine, I say, as the rain pounds my window pane.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

lol! The best thing about the weather?

It always changes! :)