Friday, April 15, 2011


It really is impolite to eat with your mouth open!

Went to an auction today with the hubbies Uncle.   We had a pretty good time, even though it was windy and pretty chilly all day.  I was lucky enough to get a couple of hay wagons.  I got the cheapest and the most expensive one there.  The first one that sold went the cheapest and then the next ones went higher because if you were the higher bidder you got to pick the one you wanted and if you wanted more than one you could take the rest or how ever many you wanted!  So, I just bought two.  Now I can bring in more than just one wagon of hay at a time!  The rest of the equipment I wanted went more than I was willing to pay! 

We still have another auction that we always go to at the end of this month, so maybe they will have some more good stuff and maybe they will have things go a little lower!  We shall see. 

Hope you all have had a good day.


dennisranch said...

Pictures of the hay wagons please!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Wish we had some good farm equipment auctions around here......uh no, maybe I don't. Could be dangerous. lol!


word verif: conaw

Sounds like what cows do....gnaw on hay. lol!