Friday, April 29, 2011

Things are a bloomin!

One thing about all the rain we have been getting is the flowers are blooming pretty good now.   If I thought I could get out in the lawn without sinking up to me knees in mud I would start getting the lawns cleaned up and mowed.  But we would leave ruts deep in the lawn.  

We have had enough rain to last us all summer!  The son went to the basement to get his bike and found it flooded, the sump pump had decided to get stuck and we had probably around three to four inches of water on the floor, not good with two freezers and the furnace and I am so glad that we have a wet basement anyway and they are up on blocks to keep them off of the floor! 

I also made bread for the first time in I don't know how long and I have never been one for baking much, but now that I am home I find myself wanting to do it more often and it turned out great, (to my surprise!)  Hope you all have a great day.


Anonymous said...

Our basement is one huge swamp! One of the daily tasks right now is to turn on the pump and then later turn it off. I have scheme I am hatching to fix this problem. If and when it works I will let you know about it on my blog. Pretty flowers and blossoms.

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

the rains plague us as well. it is really too wet to garden and plant. we have mowed but my husband leaves big grassless turn around spots that i despise! pretty flowers lisa!

lisa said...

JB, I will be waiting!

Thank you, I am glad to finally see some of the flowers.

Shirley said...

Mmmmm I can almost smell that hyacinth!

Anonymous said...

Gosh, you are way futher ahead than us. It is still very cold here and the wood heat still going on.

Love your flowers!

Linda said...

Looks like spring for sure. I've flooded my basement a couple of times and it's just not fun cleaning up the mess:(

lisa said...

So, Can I ;)

They started to pop when we got our 70 degree weather a couple of days. It was even way too hot for this time of year!

It sure isn't fun to clean that is for sure! First time it has happened to us. I was just glad the son had gone down when he did and we had a spare pump to help the other one.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful flowers!! That water in your basement is no fun. There is a water alarm you can buy that is battery might save you some clean up sometime:)

Stacey's Treasures said...

Oh what pretty flowers!!!
We had more snow yesterday & last night, but most of it has melted now.
I'm glad your son found out about the water befor it was to late!

lisa said...

Connie, I have never heard of one, I will have to investigate!

Me too!, what happened is the rod has keepers to keep it level so when the water rises it activates it a certain level and the keeper slid down so the water was able to rise.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Basements are rare here in New Mexico, probably because the ground tends to be very hard with caliche. But they would be a great thing if we did because of the summer heat. And because we rarely get rain, we'd not have to worry about flooding basements.

Mmmm! Fresh warm bread, home made sounds wonderful. I've not baked any bread for a long time, too. You're inspiring me. hehe!

Your flower photos are incredibly beautiful!


CTG Ponies said...

I love spring flowers!!