Thursday, June 23, 2011


These fluffy looking clouds have been a regular occurrence the last few days (no blue showing though). It has been raining and just plain wet. Stinks for the farmers trying to make hay and get on the ground but I guess it is either the poor people that are getting no rain and things are just shriveling up or it is those poor people that are getting flooded out instead. Mother nature is testing us all and we shall prevail as they say and hope!

I still have to say that I would rather have this weather than the snow and cold conditions! Hope you all are fairing well and hanging in there. Better days are coming they say!
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mappy said...

Love you my dear!!!!!

lisa said...

Love you too honey! Miss you!

Anonymous said...

Love you both!

Kathryn said...

Beautiful pics! We don't get many clouds here, usually the skies are clear blue. But i remember summer days at my granny's place looking at clouds like this. I didn't realize i miss them sometimes.

It is an interesting world.

Hope you have sunshine again soon.

CTG Ponies said...

Hazy, hot and humid here with the chance of thunderstorms every night. And I will gladly take this over snow :)

Jinglebob said...

Purty pictures. Yup, when it is too wet it's as bad as when it is too dry. Hope it gets squared away soon!

Terry and Linda said...

Too much of anything is just that...TOO MUCH!

Love your photos though.


Stacey's Treasures said...

Great pictures!
I love to look at clouds!