Tuesday, June 14, 2011


In just a few weeks this will be our scenery outside our front porch. All the family and the hubbies sister's family are looking forward to a week of pure relaxation and listening to the loons at night and first thing in the morning. I love getting up with a cup of coffee and going out onto the porch and just watching the sun come up over the horizon!

We take the pontoon boat out on the lake everyday fishing and that is the real joy of being out on the lake for a week! The fishing might not be best sometimes but we sure enjoy being together and trying! The hubby has been buying fishing lures like crazy! I have been planning the camp fire menus and I am not like most people and don't eat much, I actually cook more on vacation than I do when I am at home!!! I am going to buy me another dutch oven though, I have the 14 and 12 now I need 10. Then I can have the meat, veggie and dessert cooking at all the same time! I have never tried that, so we shall see how good I do. I am also going to buy a cook book for dutch oven cooking! Any of my ranching buddies have some good recipes let me know.

In the mean time I will be counting the days. I will also be getting the rest of the garden in and ready! You all have a great day!
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Crystal said...

That sounds like a fun vacation! I am not much of a fisher, but I sure would enjoy trying some dutch oven cooking, i keep saying I am gonna try it and so far havent, but maybe this year.

dennisranch said...

Do you know to stack the ovens , one on top of the other, while cooking?

If/when you go to make some bread, put very, very few coals under and more around and on top.

Cobbler is easy. Some bisquick, milk, a little nutmeg and brown sugar, a lot of canned cherries or whatever fruit you are using and then sprinkle some brown sugar on top of it to help it brown.

Tougher cuts of meat, just keep changing your coals on top and keep some water in there and let it cook a long time.

Stews are easy.

Think of it as an outdoor crockpot and use those recipes.

I have an old shovel that I burnt a lot of small holes in so you can wiggle it when scooping up coals and get rid of the ashes and just have good hot coals.

Hope that helps.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Sounds sublime!!



Anonymous said...

Looking forward too! Love You Mom

5 Starr's Farm said...

How Fun, our family vacations were always fishing or hunting trips. I'm not a dutch oven cook, always wanted to try it. But trout, salt and pepper the outside and stuff the inside with onions and butter, wrap in foil and throw on the fire......Good Stuff....and I'm writing down what dennisranch said.

CTG Ponies said...

Sounds heavenly to me!!

Far Side of Fifty said...

What Bob said! I need one of his shovels!
I cook the same way as when I use my cast iron dutch oven in the oven at home. I would check often to make sure I didn't burn something. You can make hobos..layer hamburger and Onion, add carrots and potatoes on top then throw cheese all over it before you eat.
I used to make a scone batter..I would pack all the pre measured dry ingredients then add the crisco and milk and throw that in a skillet.
We used to stay in the mountains in Wyoming..the food whatever it was always tasted great outdoors! I have a set of cast iron just for camping:)

lisa said...

I have two dutch ovens and I love cooking in them! Nothing taste like it! You have to try it.

Thanks for the tip on the dessert, I do know to stack them and I think my stew in them is one of my favorite dishes to do! Matt likes your idea on the shovel! He is going to do that to!

We are really looking forward to it!

We love to fish practically the whole time we are on vacation. JB, has some good ideas and hopefully we will be going out to see him too and he can teach me some things first hand!!

I sure agree!

I love cooking outdoors with the cast iron and I think things taste so much better!