Monday, July 11, 2011

Darn Computers!

Well, my mother board on my home PC has died and I have no way to post pics on the blog!  I took it to our PC doctor and it will cost us around 200 to get it fixed and most likely take a week or more to be fixed!
 So, no pictures for a while but once we get back from vacation I should have lots of pictures to post and it will take a while to catch up to do it!  In the mean time I get to use the daughter and hubbies laptops to do most of my post.   This will be the only week for post and next week I will be where there is no internet so no post!

I have been pretty busy with playing with Annie everyday and weaving plus with the gardening and weeding that seems to be in abundance!    It was pretty darn hot and humid today and tomorrow more but then cooler for the next few days!  Hope you all have a great evening!


Cheryl Ann said...

My computer came 1 step before the "screen of death", so we took it over to our son (who IS Microsoft certified). He defragged it, ran ALL the updates (which I never did), updated my virus software (I had two conflicting programs and they were basically cancelling each other out!)And, he cleaned off my desktop (it was full of photos and was making the computer run slow) charge? I gave him $40 and he was happy. Now, he's ordering me extra RAM so it will run faster...whoo, whoo! My desktop DIED last year after it came up with the "screen of death" and it cost me $180 for the tech guys to remove ALL my documents and it works as a "slave" to hubby's network...he, he, heee! I hear 'ya about computers!

lisa said...

Cheryl Ann,
The guy said it could be from power fluxuations. Who knows, I just know that we have a computer that is like 10 years old and it is still up and running. Just really slooooooooow!

Anonymous said...

My dell is running awful slow, and doing things by itself while I sit her on the HP. It won't let me do a scan disk. Any suggestions?
Love mom

5 Starr's Farm said...

Sorry about the computer...."We love them and we hate them". Weeds in the garden, that's my evening ritual.

Heather said...

Dang computers anyways (but what would we do without them, eh?). Have a nice vacation!