Friday, July 29, 2011

Happy Birthday!!

Our daughter, Tawny, turned 21 today. She called us down in NJ to tell us she got her Drivers License that took the restriction for being under 21 off her license and she is now considered an adult! Can't believe that she is 21. Where have the years gone. She goes off to University next month too. I will never forget the time she decided to get up and personal with the cattle in the feed lot. We had a cattle shed that was around 40 by 70 and we usually had around 140 cattle in the yard. I had ran in the house to get the phone and she had to of been 4 years old at the time and when I came back out she wasn't in the yard and I kept yelling for her and the next thing I hear is this little voice saying "I'm in here, mom!" and the shed was lower than the yard and you could look down into the shed from the ground on one side and there she was looking up at me with over 100 steers looking at her like what in the world is this little person doing in here! I tell you I about had a heart attack, but she sure wasn't scared a bit and I had to tell her to come over to the side of the shed so I could lean over and grab her from the shed up to the ground. Now I can look back and laugh because she was so small compared to the cattle and she just looked up at me like it was no big deal if she went to play with the steers!! Another lovely story is of when I went to make supper and she was in her room playing and I hadn't heard a word from her and went to see what she was up to and I look in the bedroom and there she was with her dad's shaving cream spraying cream all over her room and I can tell you that was a lovely mess to clean up!!

We love you and Happy Birthday! Didn't think you would get by without telling some of the mischief you got into did you?
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threecollie said...

Happy Birthday to her from all of us. Bet she loves having those stories told on here. lol

Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Birthday! I enjoyed the stories! 21 so very young..with the whole world at her feet:)

Shirley said...

Celebrating with ice cream- atta girl! Happy belated birthday!

Jinglebob said...

Tell her belated Happy Birthday from me. And when you gonna come cook some food in my dutch ovens so I can meet you and Matt face to face?