Saturday, August 20, 2011

Finally last series

It was a pageant of steam but I have to say that I think this big ole machine captured the crowd the most!  We stood there for quite some time watching him.  The hubby of course has always liked big machinery anyway.  Today we went to a woodsmen show and was kind of disappointed in it because not a lot of demo's were going on at all just a lot of sawmills and saws and woodworking equipment.  We would love to get a bigger sawmill but they are pretty pricey.  It would also be nice to aquire a wood processing machine that cuts your logs into wood pieces for the wood stove.  I didn't take a whole lot of pictures at all but I did take a video of the sawmill that we would love to have.  I will post that tomorrow for you. 


5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Lisa, men like big toys.....I think JS is a little sad that all the logger and equipment are gone. Looks like your having a good weekend.

Shirley said...

Is there a website for this place? We have an auction coming up that has an operating D7 Cat, antique with winch and a sawmill identical to the one in the post below. If anyone wants info on the auction, let me know, there are lots of antiques and we take phone bids.

lisa said...

Yes, we did have a good weekend.

I will keep that in mind!

Anonymous said...

Booneville used to be a lot of fun with bucking and chipping and log throwing and all kinds of contests. We went to a carving show there once too.
Love Mom & Dad

lisa said...

I think we went on the wrong day because they didn't do any of that while we were there.