Thursday, August 25, 2011

Just nutty!

Hello, would you believe I just came to say hello?   Oh, alright, I will be your friend for life you would sneak me one of those peanuts that those guys were handing out last night, I won't tell them you gave me another one.

I was a sucker for that pitiful face!   I had to throw out a couple, I mean he came right up to the patio door and scratched at the door just to get my attention yesterday when I was cleaning.  I new they had the peanuts stashed up on top of the frig! 

I got it!  Thank you so much!

I gotta run now before anyone else finds me up here!

Bye now, see you next time!!
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Jinglebob said...

Awesome post!!!

Sooo....then did you shoot him and eat him for supper? ;-)

Shirley said...

Such a polite little fellow!

CTG Ponies said...

How cute!!