Friday, September 9, 2011


This is Galena, Illinois. As you can see there are huge flood gates for the town. A couple of weeks before we had visited it had flooded and the building in the last picture was flooded in the whole basement and right up to the doors but did not get into the top floors at all. They close the gates of course when the river floods. We had a good time playing tourist and buying food like gourmet smoked salts, popcorn, and even stopped for ice cream cones. This is the last of the vacation trip pictures!

Now, Connie at Far Side of Fifty asked me lots of questions regarding my school experience. Well, first hour class is Principles of business, and the teacher is nice and it is going good. The second class I have is beginning Algebra and let me tell you that is going to take some getting used to even though Math was one of my favorite subjects in high school I was one that never was all that good with angles and guess what, that is the first thing she starts with (just lovely) but I have to say that I pay more attention now than I did in high school!! Then I have Introduction in Writing and I sure hope this helps my writing skills by the time I am done because I sure do need it! The teacher in the class is my favorite because he has a great since of humor and makes the class go a whole lot faster! Then my last class of the day is Micro computers and I do like that class, I am defiantly learning things about the computer that I never understood before that is for sure! The first day of classes wasn't too bad and yes, I sure do get turned around in the building sometimes because my since of direction never has been worth a darn! Then they had to change the room of one of my classes so I had to find where the heck it went to and only had 2 minutes left to find it and I still ended up being a minute or two late for the class but it was for the teacher that had the sense of humor! Kept pretty much to myself the first couple of days, it is very hard for me to just mingle with anyone, I have always been a very shy person. The kids do seem to be very courteous for the most part! I did sit in the front for three of my classes and the other one I am in the second row of the class. I tell you, I never remember books being so darn heavy! I think my shoulders are going to fall off before I am done. It is hard to believe that you spend all that money on books and in three of my classes I use the CD in the packet but I doubt that the book is used for the whole semester and the other class he said that everything is done on the computer and that he never uses the book (but that book only cost me 35 dollars so that wasn't so bad! I sure can tell you that my brain will be put to the test! I just hope I can remember all this stuff they are teaching. I will know once I take my first tests!

Well hope you all have a wonderful evening!
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Jinglebob said...

Hang tuff! :-)

Terry and Linda said...

You are setting an example for those who only dream.


Far Side of Fifty said...

You will be fine..I never did take Math in College..I do not envy you with that class. Don't be so shy..just be yourself, you have so much to share! I hope you got a backpack..and adjust it so the weight is evenly distributed. Most classes you won't need your book..but it takes a few days to figure out which instructors use it during class..but most don't. Take good notes..put them on note cards and carry the note cards with you to study. I used to have to do some memorization..plant names etc..and I took my note cards with me everywhere..even to work! Thanks for the insight into what classes you are taking and how you are doing! Have fun!! :)

Crystal said...

Sounds like a lot of work going back to college, but Im sure it will be worth it in the end.

I cant believe how green it is there, sure wish we had some green, but not if it involves flooding.