Thursday, September 22, 2011

Shame on me.

Still no pictures, just narrating what I did today.  First of course, I had Algebra and that is the only class I have on Thursday and that went pretty good.  Then she allowed us extra credit if we went to an assembly about driving and texting, they had guest speakers from Texas where their daughter had been texting on the way to school and she rolled her truck and she unfortunately did not survive and no other cars involved thank goodness.  It was a very good assembly now if everyone in the assembly listened is another thing.  They told the people if they still want to text while driving to make sure they have life insurance.

Then went to take the computer to have our windows registered because when they fixed it the last time we got a notice that our windows was not genuine!  While that was going on I went all over town looking for a nice dress to wear to the hubbies company dinner at the country club and do you think I could find a store that has anything remotely suitable and that would fit me, NOOOOOOO.  I gave up about an hour into the looking.

Then went to get the grocery shopping done and at least that wonderful chore is done for the week!!  Now it is around 6 by the time I get home and get things put away. 

Glad I didn't have any homework for today!  Have a wonderful evening!


threecollie said...

I sure feel for you. I hate clothes shopping!

Crystal said...

I hate chopping for fancy clothes, jeans no problem :)

Hope some of his talk stuck in some of those kids heads. We now have a distracted driing law taht says they can ticket you for talking or texting or doing your hair or reading a map or anything that might distract your driving.