Wednesday, October 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (heat)


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5 Starr's Farm said...

Hi Lisa...That's a load !
Our wood isn't our only heat, but we also heat our water, threw the wood stove ( never run out ) We had to buy wood this year......No houses to build, land to clear....It's a first for us. Thanks for stopping by, enjoy your visits.

Shirley said...

That looks like there will be plenty to keep you going this winter.

Callie said...

Hope you are having a great time at school meeting people, enjoying wonderful classes and trying out new things! Love the rugs! The new blog sounds like a good idea too, Lisa... showcase your skill and beautiful weavings. Enjoy! I need to get back to posting and reading blogs this winter. Lots to catch up on.

Crystal said...

Hes really good at that! I wish we had a wood stove but no trees out here so probly not a good idea.