Wednesday, December 28, 2011

New Project

The top picture is a 16 yard warp that I am getting ready for the next weaving project that needs to be done by the time the family get together is on the 13th. The second picture is the design in the book that I will be doing, of course it will look a lot different woven into cloth than the picture does in the book. The last picture is the loom that the project will be going on. That was my job for the day. I also ended up putting plastic up on the windows in the weaving room in the barn. The wind blows a hundred miles an hour and boy does it get chilly up there. This year I decided to put plastic up and hope to cut down on the cold air seeping into the room.

The day was chilly and just a tad windy (like 40 mile an hour winds all day)! Hope you all had a great day.
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Anonymous said...

I hope you have the heater going. Looks like a great project. Love you!

Terry and Linda said...

You are amazingly talented. The view from New York is also WOW!

Happy New's already 2012...