Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Am I seeing things?

 View from the left
The view in front!
Hmmm, I really didn't think pay phones were available out in the middle of no where but I have been wrong before.  As you can see the phone is in the country and I mean out in the country! No town to speak of.  I really didn't get out to see if it worked though.  


Mappy said...

Thanks , Honey, I love ya !! Know your busy !!! Love ya !!

threecollie said...

For the Amish maybe?

Cheryl Ann said...

Lisa, the mountain road that I drive up to the horse ranch has the California "help" phones, which don't require money, but connect you right to the police. By the way, hubby's father and grandfather BOTH worked for the Erie railroad...Erie Lackawana RR, out of Meadville, PA. His father was the yard master in Meadville, then in Chicago, then in Marion. His grandfather was a conductor on the rr.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

How odd! You'll have to try them out the next time you're there and let us know if they are functioning phones. lol!


Crystal said...

Very strange, I notice up here they been taking phones out, too much vandalism I think and pretty much everyone has a cell now so not as needed.

Terry and Linda said...

How amazing! I would be shocked to see one myself!

Love your new chicks...chickens are ever so much fun!


Anonymous said...

Mappy's great grandfather was a conductor on the Erie Railroad, Hornel Port Jervis run. His grandfather and all his grand uncles also worked on the Erie. We have a bunch of Erie Railroad magazines from that era, which mention the retirement of Uncle Ernie Wycoff, who married Virgie Montgomery
Love, Mom

Far Side of Fifty said...

I wonder if it works..it must have a purpose. I have been tempted to stick mine out by the road:)