Friday, April 6, 2012


I smell that grain a comin!

We have the one Holstein, short horn cross that is a great steer, he comes over everyday to get pets and he's real friendly!  The other steer, not so much.  But that is OK because they aren't our pets! 

Not much is going on, the best thing is the hubby is home for a couple of days and then he's going to be on his way back to Ohio on Sunday morning.  So, we will enjoy his company while we can.

Hope you all have a great Easter, and have a great weekend.


Crystal said...

I like the nose shot :) Good to \hear Hubby is home for a few days at Easter. Thats pretty nice to have him back again.

Terry and Linda said...

I wish I could pet that soft velvet nose!

Happy Easter!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Happy Easter Lisa, glad you got some hubby time:)

Jen @ Jen's Farmily said...

Aww... I love the shot of his nose!
When I was a kid, petting the neighbor's horses was always the highlight of my day!

Happy Easter to you!