Friday, May 4, 2012

Our home

Nothing exciting to post so I thought I would post a more recent picture of the home place. 
I did finish my English Essays, I was up until midnight but I did get them done and sent to the Professor.   I couldn't believe how much of a relief that was!   Just one more week of school and I can really relax for the summer!  How you writers can get your thoughts down on paper is way beyond me!  I am glad that I don't want to be a book writer that is for sure!
Our honey bees didn't make it through the winter but we did order another hive and we go pick them up tonight.  Which still makes us in the honey making business!  The hubby wants to move them closer to the house so that they can be sheltered more but I really don't like that idea at all.  So, now I am trying to brain storm on where to put them so that the hubby and I can both be happy!
Hope you all have a great afternoon! 


Crystal said...

I like those pics of home, I should take some here to cause people always want to see what our place looks like.

Good luck in your last week of school. And hope you find somewhere to put the bees not too close to the house!

Shirley said...

Bet you're happy only one more week of school. did you figure out why the bees died? I don't know how they winter the bees here, but they put the hives out in April so they must be sheltering them elsewhere for the winter when they are dormant.

Linda said...

Nice to see your place. Hope you find a place for the bees...I don't think I'd want them too close to the house either:(

Far Side of Fifty said...

Your grass is very green! Here in Minnesota bees are sent to California for the winter much like some people I know..then they are shipped back in when it warms up. Our son in laws father has bees and produces honey. I bet you said a few choice words when you finished with the essays! Good job!! :)

Terry and Linda said...

You are so very nice and green We are struggling to keep the green we have.


Jinglebob said...

I love that blue barn....and the view!

lisa said...

The last of school, is a blessing, and I am sure glad that the essay's are done! We did put them closer to the house,(the bees). I purposely left out pictures of the neighbors, so the view looks a lot better than it actually is in some directions!

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Such a lovely rural and spacious.
I'm sorry about the loss of the bees. Can you put wrapped insulation around the hives in the winter, or will that suffocate them or make them too warm?
I don't think I'd want them to close to our house either.
If I had any bee hives, I'd probably build them a wind shield or place them in a grove of dense trees or shrubs. Our winters can get mighty cold and windy.

Enjoy your time off from school! You deserve it!