Friday, June 1, 2012


Last Saturday we took the pontoon out on the Lake!   We caught a bunch of rock bass, and saw some of the lake residents in the process!  We had a beautiful day for fishing.  We decided to leave the boat at the lake this year, so that we don't have to travel back and forth with the boat.  We seem to take the boat out only on this particular lake.  So, we decide it would be a lot easier to take the boat out if we just left it on the lake and we will hopefully use it a lot more often.

I am now a proud owner of a 79 Ford 350!   We love the old Ford trucks,  when I went out on my first date with the hubby, he owned a 67 ford, short bed truck with a standard.   When I went out on that first date with the hubby, he made me drive that standard and I had never, ever drove a standard in my life!  You should of saw me trying to drive that thing, it was a good thing that it wasn't easy to kill that truck, but I sure made that thing buck going down the road when I kept slipping the clutch!  It wasn't funny at the time but when I remember it now, I laugh like crazy!  In just 27 days the hubby and I will be married for 25 years and have been together for 27 years!  I just love that man of mine!  

Have a great day! 


threecollie said...

You guys are the greatest. Congratulations in advance. And that goose photo is fabulous. You should really print and frame it. Gorgeous!

Crystal said...

Sounds like a good plan leaving the boat at the lake. Hope you get to spend lots of time there.

And congrats on the anniversary, we are just coming up to 8 this summer.

Far Side of Fifty said...

I hope you have something special planned for your 25th!
I think we had a 78 was a standard transmission..both of our girls learned to drive it..they would drive it around the circle at the resort (they did not have licenses yet) I can still see that old truck lurching along:)

Shirley said...

I love the old Ford trucks too, especialy the early 60's. I had a 79 F250- good truck.
Congratulations on the upcoming 25th! We are coming up on our 16th.

Terry and Linda said...

Oh! HAPPY 25 Years! This winter Terry and I will see 45. Time has flown!


Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Lucky you to be able to escape to the lake and play in your pontoon anytime you want. Sounds heavenly!
We don't have many lakes or water sources around here, so they are quite a treasure!
Congrats on the new, old, truck!
And congrats on 25 yrs, too!