Saturday, June 16, 2012

Hay, how are you?

Yes, we are going to finally have a good weekend to get some hay done.  Even though we really don't have the place to store it.  The hay barn hasn't even been delivered yet.  So, being as the horses are outside 24/7 right now we will be using two of the three stalls to store what hay we do this time.   Hopefully by the time we do more haying we will have the barn here and up.  The son is going to do the tedding today.  I am glad he is old enough to do the work now to help out.  That means I don't have to get on the tractor.  I like to do the work, but lets face it, if I don't have to that is even better!

Hope all the fathers out there have a wonderful fathers day tomorrow!  We will being having the in-laws over for lunch tomorrow.  Supposed to be a wonderful day for it.  I think I will be using the fire pit to cook in the cast iron. 

Have a great day!


Shirley said...

Mmm the smell of fresh cut hay! We could cut here if we get a week of sunshine, unfortunately June is a rainy month. Nice that your son can take over for you, he's a big boy now.

Crystal said...

Looks pretty tall in the first pic, hope it stays dry till you get it baled and put away.

Jeffro said...

1066? Great tractor!

lisa said...

It sure is Jeffro! We love that tractor!