Monday, August 20, 2012

Bucket List

The hubby had to do some welding on the frame that holds the bucket on the front of the tractor.  The fork lift on the other tractor sure comes in handy when you need it!  The husband sure was smart when he took the forklift and put it on the tractor! Hope you all had a great Monday. 


Crystal said...

We have 2 big tractors and it sure is nice to have the second one when repairs need to be done!

Mappy said...

Love you me dear !!! That forklift is pretty handy. It was junk now is not !!

Jeffro said...

Dad made some stands out of pipe and put brackets on top and feet on the bottom - and he made them a little long so he could wedge them in place to prop the loader arms up and unhook. The weight of the bucket prevented any movement.