Thursday, August 16, 2012

A Senior!

The son will be a senior this year and I had to take him to the school for school pictures.  I decided that I would let the school photographers take his picture for the year book and the class photo but I wanted to make the attempt to take his senior set of pictures myself and take them to have them enlarged or have wallets made myself.   I thought I would get your opinion on how I did.  These are just a few that I thought turned out the best.   I have never been one for taking people pictures, I seem to do better with nature pictures.   Hard to believe that my youngest will be a senior!  He also turns 18 this Saturday!

Not much has really been going on here at the farm.   I don't get to do a whole lot being as I am not allowed to be lifting anything heavy.  The kids have been great with doing chores.  I miss it though.  I will go out and grain the horses!  I tried pulling weeds one handed out of the grape arbor yesterday and I think I left more than I pulled!

The hubby went to take his handgun safety course last night.  Poor guy drove four hours home went to the class that took two and a half hours and then found out that all the paper work I had to copy off the internet are not being used anymore and that more restrictions are being put into place!  NY is one of the worst states when it comes to owning guns!  They have different laws from state to the county laws here in New York.  They like to place lots of restrictions also!   It is a real pain, I guess that is true if you believe in the right to bear arms.   Which we are!

Hope you all had a great day.


threecollie said...

Such a handsome young man!

threecollie said...

And by all means, those are professional quality photos and deserve to be used.

Laughing Orca Ranch said...

Great photos! I love outdoor photos over studio ones. The first two could even be used to advertise International Tractors and Ford Trucks! lol!
I prefer the last photo...less distracting. But you might want to turn the photo so it's level and the fence isn't tilted. I can do that if you don't know how. I'd be happy to. Just send me the photo: twinville2atyahoodotcom

Now if only that handsome boy of yours could have smiled. Smiling is still cool in school right? hehe!


Island Rider said...

Why do young men insist on wearing their sunglasses in photographs? He is a handsome young man even if I can't see his eyes!

Crystal said...

Those are great shots!! i love them and so much more personal than the stock photos the schools take.

Alouise said...

I agree! He is very handsome, but his smile is so charming, take some more without the sunglasses so we can see his beautiful blue eyes, and smiling, so we can see his beautiful teeth! Love Gram

Far Side of Fifty said...

I think you did good..I like the one in the truck the best..cause I can see his handsome eyes..but the mirror is shoot that one just need a different angle.
Those transitions glasses are hard to could pop the lenses out and just have him wear the one will know. Your baby is a senior..time goes by so fast:)