Saturday, September 8, 2012

Then and Now

As you can see the barn is full, I still do have two empty stalls at this time.  The hay barn does get delivered next weekend but I have a feeling that it won't get put up before we do finish getting in the rest of the hay.  Which means that the stalls will be filled, but hay!, we will have plenty of feed for the year, Yippee!   No buying hay this year, which in the long run saves us lots of money.

School has started and I think that accounting is going to be my favorite class this year and Business Law is going to be the worst!  I will prevail and still get good grades though.  This semester will leave me a lot more time to study and hopefully not be quite so stressed out!

Sorry about the posts not being more frequent but with the arm and of course farm and getting ready for school it has been a pretty lousy summer.  Hope you all are doing good and have a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

What no arm report? I hope it is getting is a slow process. The hay looks good and good to hear you will have a bit more time this semester:)

Crystal said...

So nice to have enough hay for winter! I hope you did not stack too many of those, that cant be good for the shoulder.

I dont think I would like business law either, but I am so impressed with you for takin so many different classes.

lisa said...

One good thing about a bad shoulder, I get out of the hard work for a while! The bad thing is it is going to take a long time to regain all that strength when it is healed!

Terry and Linda said...

The barn has to smell wonderful...nothing like the smell of hay!