Tuesday, October 2, 2012

I don't take a whole lot of pictures of the horses and I thought it was about time that I get them put back on to the blog once in a while.  This is Annie and she is the horse that is lazy and hates to do anything.  I ride her one day and the next she is trying to avoid me at all cost, that of course is all my fault because I don't take the time to ride as often as I should. 

School is going good, I thought with taking less classes this year I would have time to do my homework, but that hasn't really come about because I seem to do a ton of errands.    The days I go in late seem to leave me some time but some days like tomorrow, I have to take the son to take his driving test for his drivers license.  That will pretty much ruin the time I have to do homework.  I do have good news, I got a letter in the mail yesterday saying that I was invited to join the honor society "Phi Theta Kappa"!   I also could of done honor classes also, but I did turn that down.  I didn't really want to add more work to my already busy life. 

Hope you all had a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Sometimes it seems the busier I am the more I get done..sounds strange..good to hear you were honored..you study so hard!
Good to see a photo of your Annie:)

Crystal said...

Annie looks good!! Its hard to get back into riding when you dont do it very often.
Exciting news about the honor society! What does that entail

threecollie said...

You go girl! Congratulations!