Friday, October 5, 2012

Not again!

Yes, the husband has talked me into letting kittens into the house again!  The only thing is they are not going to be house cats!  I said that they could come into the house so that the son and hubby can make the kittens person friendly instead of being wild!  Then they go back outside permanently!  Hopefully we can talk a friend of ours into taking the black one asap!  Come on Miss Shannon, the black one is just so adorable, you know you want a kitty cat!

Raining again, we have only had one day of sun shine and nice weather, I sure wish I could send some of this rain to you that are having draught conditions!

Lots of homework for the weekend and my first set of test to take next week.  I am glad to have a four day weekend to get the work done.  I worked on homework all day today, along with doing housework and laundry.  I think the hubby and I are going to take a day to go see the fall colors up north this weekend.  Other than that, that is about all we are going to do.  Oops forgot the hubby and the son will be doing fire wood!

The son took his driving test Wednesday and passed, now he has his license and I don't have to be chauffeur anymore!

Have a great weekend.


Shirley said...

Oh my goodness those are adorable kittens!
Have a great weekend, and congrats to your son on passing his drivers test.

Stacey's Treasures said...

Your kittens are so cute! Perfect for Halloween. I bet someone will take them.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Second time is a charm..blooger is being difficult.
That Siamese looking kitty is really cute.
Glad your chauffeur days are over. Good luck with your tests..the first test from a new instructor is the most difficult.. because you don't know how they test:(

5 Starr's Farm said...

Where do I start, haven't been by for a while. Kitty's are cut as can be. That BBQ is great and the wedding looked wonderful. Congrats on the invite to the honor society. I was going to e-mail you, but found that your e-mail is not on your blog.....that's OK was just saying hello.

Ed said...

OMG! That first shot is soooooooooooo cute..:-)))

Terry and Linda said...