Saturday, January 12, 2013

As you know the first picture is of the boys demanding their meal!  Don't they look starved to you? ;~)  Another month or so should do it and they will be in the freezer or off to the auction.  We decided that we still have quite a bit of beef in the freezer and won't have much room for two.  But shhhhhhh.   we don't want them to know that yet.

The bottom picture is of the pond.  We decided to leave the fish in the pond this year and just put in a stock tank heater to keep the water warm enough, so that the fish will be able to survive without having to bring them in the house.  Last year we tried putting them in the stock tank but the cows and the horses share tanks.  For some reason the cows love to drag hay into the tank or put their butts towards the tank to go number 2 into the tank! We lost the fish due to the lovely mess the cows liked leaving, and of course then we have to dump the tank and start with fresh water all over again, just didn't work out well for the poor fish!

The hubby made it in one piece to the lovely sunny and 75 degree Florida! (lucky s.o.b.)  But he is going crazy without his Garmin!  He got spoiled by having a lady telling him where to go!  :~)  All kidding aside, he hates being away from home and on top of that he will be working 6-7 day weeks until the job is done.  He gets to use a drill that has never been run, and we all know what happens when a new piece of equipment has never been used.  ( you have kinks to work out)

We had rain yesterday and things are starting to melt, but still have quite a bit of snow on the ground.  Other than that is was a mild day and really foggy most of the day.  Hope you all have a great weekend.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Steaks! Wish I had fenced pasture for a steer or two! You are lucky to be able to raise your own meat. Glad you hubby is safe and sound in the sunny warm weather..and new toys..well that usually makes them happy:)

threecollie said...

Hope you guys get through the next few weeks okay. I missed Mappy's Sunday call this week. Take care, love you all.

Crystal said...

Mmm beef, we just got our back from the butcher and sure been enjoying it :)