Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Clouds are starting to roll in.  The rain is supposed to come Friday and Saturday, as the weather turns warmer.  We are supposed to get up into the 40's those two days.   I really don't want rain, I would rather stick with the snow.

As you can see, I am able to post pictures.  I went to google chrome and now I am able to blog pictures.  I don't really care for the way that chrome is set up, so I only use it when I have too.  I like it so much better when I am able to post a picture, even if I do repeat the pictures.  I seem to just love taking scenery pictures. I do a better job with scenery than I do with people or animals for that matter.

Not much going on, went out to the barn this afternoon and wound a warp for a set of face towels.  I am hoping that a soap shop that we go to will like them enough to buy.  Hopefully, it will get me a regular market to sell too!  Wish me luck.  I was even given the opportunity to try selling in a restaurant store. (my kitchen towels that is)  So, I will be weaving and making money before I know it :)

I might go down to NJ to see the hubby tomorrow, so that I can spend some time with him, before he flies to o Florida on Friday.  Who know when I will see him again.

Hope everyone is having a great day and evening, where ever you may be!


threecollie said...

I hope it works out that you get a good market for your towels. They are simply amazing and the oldest ones I have are as nice as the day they came off the loom despite being in constant use for years and years. Say hi to Mappy for me!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Way to go on the weaving! Pretty photos too:)