Monday, February 11, 2013

Nothing Much

Not much going on.  We did get nine inches of snow on Saturday and freezing rain today.  But the temps did get up to the 40's which is going to let the snow melt fairly quickly.  We are supposed to get snow flurries but then get up in the 30's most of the week.  Not bad for the Northeast!   I still am glad that I don't live up in Canada where they get some pretty darn nasty weather.  (Linda will tell you)

Took my first test today, and I know I did get a couple of answers wrong, I hate taking the first set of tests.  I realize that I really need to study a little more often and not try to cram everything into two days.  My memory sure isn't all that good.  Anyone got some good pointers on how to retain information you receive and learn? I think that is the hardest part, and that  is retaining what I have learned, I seem to have to read and read things, over and over, before I can remember it.  I tell you, reading these chapters are painful,  seems like the chapter is going to last forever!

Well, I hope you all are have a good week. Not a whole lot of exciting things to report on this end of the world.  I pretty much go to school, do chores and take care of the family, pretty boring really!  Oh, I do try to get out and weave but then again that doesn't happen as often as I would like.  Take care and be safe!


Kristine said...

I'm not sure what you're studying, but if its something you can use in your daily life, use it. If it's something like history or social sciences, corner a family member or friend and explain whatever the topic matter was. It will help you to not only understand it, it will allow you to later present it in a test format for exams. This also pinpoint weak spots in your knowledge, so you know what to look at more closely. :)

Shirley said...

Lavender essential oil is good for the memory.
Cute photo!
Not all Canadians got blasted- we are having a lovely bit of weather here, the snow is all gone from my lawn, and not much left on the fields.

Far Side of Fifty said...

Index Cards I used to buy them by the hundreds..sometimes you can find them in a spiral notebook fits in your pocket. I took them the work..anytime I had a minute to study. I found it especially helpful with stuff that had to be memorized for recall. Definitions..etc. Sure it takes time to make the cards..but after that they will save you time and they will help your old brain. :)