Monday, April 22, 2013

More New York

 You can see another part of New York, which is Brooklyn, behind me and a little of the
Brooklyn Bridge.
 This is the picture of the Brooklyn Bridge.
 Brooklyn, New York, I am on the Manhattan side of the city.
 A ship that was moored at one of the piers, as you can see in the next picture, it was the Peking ship.
Another part of New York is South Street Seaport, which is a historic area in the New York City borough of Manhattan, located where Fulton Street meets the East River, and adjacent to the Financial District.  It features some of the oldest architecture in downtown Manhattan, and includes the largest concentration of restored early 19th-century commercial buildings in the city.  It has a view of the Brooklyn Bridge.  At the entrance to the Seaport is the Titanic Memorial lighthouse(which I didn't get a picture of).

The Seaport's heyday, 1820 to 1860.  by the late-1950's, the old Ward Line docks (Pier 15, 16, and part of 17) were mostly vacant.

South Street Seaport Museum sits in a 12 square-block historic district that is the site of the original port of New York City.

I didn't take pictures of the historic area because of hurricane Sandy, a lot of the shops and buildings were vacant and not open, pretty sad to see all the buildings boarded up!


Crystal said...

Its funny when I think of New York, its all one place, even though somewhere in my mind I know its not, I like the ship, they always fascinate me. I hope they rebuild where Sandy hit, would be sad to stay closed up like that.

Far Side of Fifty said...

You are very brave going into a city with that many people. I watch the NY City news everyday:)