Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Day by Day

All the animals at South View farm are doing good, enjoying the nice sunny days that aren't too hot and humid.  It really has been a perfect two weeks, just a little rain and not overly hot.  This is the last week of my summer class online, then I can enjoy a little more time with horses and the weaving.  

I wound two warps in the last two days.  I will have four looms loaded and ready for weaving.  I will have a loom set up to do table runners, towels, and rag rugs.  I won't be running out of things to do for a while.  Now that the weather has straightened out and Annie's feet are doing better, I am hoping to get some major riding time in now.  I think I have forgotten how to ride, (just kidding).  When my niece rode sirocco she had a problem and the saddle went flying and the back cinch broke and so I will have to use a synthetic saddle that I had purchased, or go bareback.  I hate the synthetic saddle, just doesn't fit my rear very good ;)

Hope you are having a good week so far.


Anonymous said...

I know someone who can remedy that... ;-)

lisa said...

JB, Matt and I were actually thinking about that the other day! I have to get my lazy bones out to the saddle and get the pictures done, but I would love to give Matt my saddle and get a new one made for me! You wouldn't by chance have a horse that is well broke and needing a new home do you?