Friday, August 2, 2013

Taken Over

The Black-eyed Susan's are taking over.  On the right of the picture is the first clump of Susan's that we planted and mind you, it was just half of that clump.  It wants to take over the whole garden pond area.  I keep taking the round-up out and trying to kill them.  I even go around trying to pull them all out.  Now we have the lilies that are trying to take over also.  I give-up, they can have the garden.

I have been busy working on getting three new projects on looms.  I have done all the warps, and now I have the rug loom ready to go and today I will be putting on a small warp of towels on my little table top loom, then I have the loom for table runners, and a floor loom for more towels.  Did I say I was busy? Not only that, then I have the regular day to day chores and miscellaneous things that need to get done, also.  Not enough hours in a day, that is for sure.  Hope you had a good week.

Have a wonderful weekend!  TGIF!


Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh those are my favorites yellow..perfect love it next to your water garden. Dig some out and plant them along the road or something:)

A. Montgomery said...

Love your Susans. Bring me some! They can take over my garden anytime.
Love Mom