Monday, September 23, 2013

Breakfast anyone?

I think one of my favorite meals is my oven omelet in my cast iron.  It is a favorite of the families.  We have company coming this weekend, I think I will be making it again soon.

Not much going on, we put up some pear jam this weekend, and we still have lots of pears left.  We are going to can the rest of the pears that we have,  if I can get the time to do it.  The son and hubby mowed down the second cutting of hay and it is supposed to be a wonderful week for drying it.  This weekend we will hopefully be baling and putting it in the barn.  Still have lots of things to accomplish before the winter season starts.  Wood cutting, basement finished, equipment put up for the winter, house yards cleaned of garbage and excess debris.  Never ending things to get done before snow flies.  Yes, it is coming whether we want it to or not!

Have a great evening.


CDH said...

That omelete looks delicious!
So much to do before the snow flies. If ya don't get it all done, it'll still be there come spring!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Could you share that recipe? Looks yummy to me! The snow just covers some of the lawn work up:)

Jeffro said...