Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Not done yet

The museum had a small threshing show going on and a small tractor show going on when we went.  We saw a young pair of oxen, they were 10 months old.  The next picture shows an old printing press and they had a Friesian, and chickens running around.  It was a nice day.  I have one more day of pictures then I will be done with showing pictures of the museum.

School is going good, I have passes all my test in my subjects so far.  I had an A, A, and B.  Which isn't too bad for the start of the semester.  I did get a letter in the mail yesterday, telling me that I was nominated for an award of Who's Who Among Students in American Junior Colleges.  I don't actually get the award, I was just nominated and I have to send in an award application to be considered for it.  I was pretty surprised!

All the animals are doing good, we had to treat the ponies for lice over the weekend and give them their last set of shots.  I have to treat them again in a couple of weeks for the lice.  I will probably wait another two weeks before I actually put them out with the other two horses and hopefully everyone will be able to get along.  The little mule likes to bite and I don't know how well that will go with Sirocco.

Hope you have a wonderful.

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Shirley said...

Poor ponies, sure is a good thing you took them in even if you did have misgivings.