Saturday, November 23, 2013

He's Back

Yes, the hubby returned Thursday afternoon.  It sure was nice seeing him after three weeks.  He brought us a present, that is if you like coconuts!  I love them, and even better, they were fresh!   He cracked one open and we all enjoyed.  The kids just happen to love them, also.

Well, just three more weeks and school will be done.  Hopefully I can keep my high GPA,  I have a feeling that macroeconomics is going to bring it down, but just a little.  I am getting A's in all my classes except for macro.  I am getting a B right now.  I have just one more test in that class left, and hopefully I can bring that one up.  We have it during finals week and that will be nice, because we have three hours to complete the test.  I have investments on finals week also, and that will be three hours also.

Not much of anything else is going on.  The farm animals are doing great so far.   They are calling for some nasty weather for the next up coming week.  Tomorrow we are to get some snow, not a lot just enough to make things miserable.  Then on Tuesday night to Wednesday morning some more snow is on its way.  I guess winter is defiantly here!   I was hoping the snow would wait until I was done with school.

I will try to visit my favorite blogs today, but I do have homework to do, so we shall see how far I get.  I will be catching up as soon as I can.  I haven't forgotten you!


Terry and Linda said...

I love your ponies and horses! You have quite a few :)

Gosh to have your hubby gone for three weeks must have felt like forever!

Good luck with your are sailing through!


Jeffro said...

You'll be fine on your tests! I've got faith in ya!

Far Side of Fifty said...

You know I wish you the best with the tests. Macro Econ sucks...I was happy with the B or C that I got! I know it wasn't an A.
Stoke up that stove, it is really bitterly cold here:(

dennisranch said...

Happy Thanksgiving! We are about to dig in to prime rib!