Monday, March 31, 2014

Head Shots

 Thunder the little (pain in the arse) mule!
 Annie the old lady!
 Scout the pony!
Sirocco the Curious George of the bunch!

You will have to forgive us but  mom hasn't groomed us in a while.   She gets a little lazy in the winter months!  Now that it is mud season, she seems to really want to avoid us!  The farm hasn't changed much.  We have learned that we will be getting more chicks in a couple of months and they are going to kick the old hens out of the hen house and we will get to chase them around our pasture!   We still have the steers that we have to listen to when they get hungry, but I hear that we only have to put up with them for another year, I hope they don't get replaced with new ones!  (I think that is a moot point though)   Have a good week and mom will be back tomorrow with some other news to tell you.


Willow said...

Good to see you all ~ great herd !

Kathryn said...

I so miss having horses. They are beauties, even if they haven't been groomed in a while.

aurora said...

Your herd looks great sporting their winter fuzzies, complete with similar head shots. Such an expressive face on Scout. Free range fowl is sure to provide entertainment!