Wednesday, May 21, 2014


This year the strawberries are growing.  Last year when we made the arbor, we had bought just the seedlings and they didn't grow.  This year we decided to buy the plants and they seem to be doing pretty good at this point.

We are in the process of getting the garden pond redone.  I have been working on getting all the old rocks out. so that we can put down new covering to keep the weeds out. Then we are going to put new pebbles down before we put the big rocks back on top.   We might even make the fish pond a little bigger this year.  We really haven't decided yet.  It is a big project and hopefully we will be working on it some more this week end and will be able to make some progress.

Hope you had a great day.


Crystal said...

I love arbors, and with strawberries on will be so cool. I tried to grow strawberries from seed this year after 20-30 days germination i almost gave up but it looks like 2 might make it but sure slow. i also got some seedlings hoping they work a little bit even if nothing this year I hope they survive till next year

Anonymous said...

I see you have some of the pink blooming strawberries. I don't believe they have berrries as I have some and they really spread. Do you expect berries?