Thursday, May 29, 2014

Thursday on the farm

I just love living close to the mountains.  It seems like everyday there is a different view of them.   Never a dull view from the north.

We got our order of chicks and turkeys this morning.  They are so darn cute when they are chicks.  Just one of the chicks didn't make it.   That is isn't so bad.  They are pretty darn crowded in that little box and they took approximately 3 days to reach us.

We are getting ready for the lake today and will head up there tomorrow morning.  Looks like we will have rain tomorrow afternoon and into Saturday morning.  Hopefully it doesn't rain a lot and ruin the BBQ.  You just can't rely on mother nature that is for sure.

Hope you have a great day!


CDH said...

I too love the mountains. I grew up in the foot hills of the cascades. Now live in the high desert! Lol! Love the diversity of both.
Enjoy the lake. Hoping it doesn't rain! At least for the weekend! :)

Shirley said...

Gotta have mountains! Enjoy your weekend, rain or no rain!

Crystal said...

Nice mountains, I do miss seing them but it just makes them more special when I get to. Have a fun weekend and I hope you dont get rained out.

Linda said...

Your mountains are a joy! to behold!

Have a great weekend.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Good thing I don't live there, I would be looking out the window all the time! I hope you have a great BBQ:)