Monday, July 28, 2014


It pretty much rained all day and had a couple of good thunderstorms.    It was one of those days you want to stay in and just read a book.   I had to take both the car and truck and get the oil changed, along with taking the son's car over to have it looked over.   He had an accident that did some damage to his car but thank goodness it was minor stuff and no one else was involved and he wasn't hurt.   He was still able to drive it home with no problem.  Most of the damage was just bodywork!  He is more upset with himself and the damage he did to his precious car!  He was pretty darn proud of buying his own car.

Not much else is going on.  The critters are all the same and everyone is reasonably healthy.  Jake had a allergic reaction to a  flea and tic tag that I bought, now I have to give him a bath twice a week and give him some antibiotics for 14 days.   His hair started to fall out under his neck.   Trials and tribulations of having animals to care for.

Hope you have a great week.


CDH said...

Cool clouds!
W need a massive hail storm to knock out these dang grasshoppers and get some moisture!

Terry and Linda said...

Those clouds look just like ours here. I'm so glad that your son wasn't hurt. Although, I know he was terribly upset about the car...still the car is just a car...he is your son. But he won't understand that until he has his own kids.