Wednesday, July 23, 2014

The garden is doing great.  I picked my first batch of green beans and froze them.  I also froze some broccoli and cauliflower.   I even had a couple of green peppers!   It has been a couple of years since we had a garden and it is nice to have it back this year.  Hopefully the tomatoes don't get the blight disease.   I have been spraying them to hopefully prevent them from getting it.

Hope you are having a great week.


CDH said...

Tomatoes right off the vine with fresh cucumber in a sandwich. Yummy!

Far Side of Fifty said...

Beautiful garden! Sometimes there is nothing you can do to prevent comes in on the air when it is hot and humid:)

threecollie said...

Garden looks great! We picked beans yesterday too. Delicious.

A. Montgomery said...

Beautiful garden. You do have a green thumb Lisa.
Love Mom

kathy b said...

You have a green thumb!

I have chives. I froze batches of chives today.

Terry and Linda said...

You are so much further along than we will be August (the middle of ) before I start to see anything.