Tuesday, August 19, 2014

Come on in

I love having the arbor next to the pond.  I had volunteer sunflowers come up in front of it and it is just beautiful.   The hubby has been bringing home some cobblestones, that are on the sight where he is drilling; we are going to make a sidewalk with them that will go up to the arbor.

I went for a trail ride last night with my daughter and a few other girls along and with Brian (trainer for Sirocco).   It was sure nice to be back in the saddle and longer than just for a half hour!  The fear is gradually going away.  I only had one anxious moment, but I worked through it without a problem!  Sirocco is entered in the fair and  Brian will be the one doing the riding.    I decided that I will not ride in shows until I learn how and what is involved in showing.  I have never showed a horse in my life.  Sirocco sure has changed, we could not touch his ears and now I can touch them with no problem.  He stops when he is asked, he is doing just great.  I did not ride him last night, still not confident enough to ride him out on the trail.  I still have some fear issues with Sirocco to work out before I ride on the trail.

Hope you are having a great week.


Shirley said...

I totally understand about fear issues with a horse. It's really hard to overcome- and in my experience it really helps to ride other horses to get your confidence back. Good move sending Sirroco to a trainer. If you are determined, you will overcome this!

A. Montgomery said...

You will be cowgirling it soon. I know your determination! Love, Mom

Far Side of Fifty said...

When you are ready and hopefully Sirroco is ready for you too! I am certain Brian will be a big help:)

Terry and Linda said...

I sure understand that fear. I got bucked off once and the side of my face stepped on by the rearing horse. Took me YEARS to overcome my fear!


threecollie said...

Gorgeous, Lisa, and I know from experience just how wonderfully tranquil it is there. And congratulations on your ride...great job!