Tuesday, September 30, 2014

Gone Fishing

The weekend was just beautiful.  We decided to take out the boat for the last time this season.  We went fishing on the lake and the fish were not biting!   Kegan is the only one that caught a fish.   We did enjoy being on the boat and just enjoyed the nice warm sunny day.

We almost didn't get to go.  Annie got colic and I spent the first part of the morning trying to get her back to her old self again.  Can't figure what had caused it.  Her feed hadn't changed in anyway.  The only thing we could figure is maybe some kind of weed was in her hay that didn't agree with her or because our hay was a little too rich for her.  We had first cutting and second cutting all mixed together because we weren't' able to get first cutting off this year.  But, she is her old self again and doing good.  She has colic before on us, when she got herself out on the pasture grass.  (without our permission)

The colors are changing fast.  Up in the Adirondacks the colors are around 50 to 80 percent changed already.  We hope to take a trip to see the colors before they start to go the other way and fall off the trees.

Hope you had a great day.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Such pretty fall colors! We are almost done with leaves. :)

Shirley said...

Sorry to hear about Annie getting colicy, that is so stressful! Glad you caught it in time.
You do get lovely fall colours there!