Tuesday, September 16, 2014

South View Enterprises

I am starting to look forward to winter, when things begin to slow down.  I know, bite my tongue!  I have been pretty busy and really not paying attention to my blogging.  I told the hubby that I needed to start picking up the camera again.  I seem to take less and less pictures every day.

I been taking care of dogs with allergies, arthritis, and ear mites.  Doing the everyday running for the household.   Doing running for the farm and taking care of the farm.  Sound familiar?  I just haven't really been in the blogging mood lately.  I have been trying to get the training done on my horse and getting the trainer pinned down so that I can get over there and get some time on my horse before he is back home.  The young man works at a pharmacy, and does horse shoeing on the side.  He is pretty busy.  (not my problem, but my horse is)

I have also gotten some bad news, my father has stage four cancer, and we have been going weeks without knowing what kind it is and what his prognosis is.  He has had a biopsy and found lumps on his lung, bladder (was taken off, the lump that is), and then a week later found one on his neck.  Hopefully we will know what to expect by Thursday.  When he goes to see the cancer specialist.   My sister and I are going to expect the worst and hope for the best.  

Tomorrow the farrier comes and I head down to New Jersey for the rest of the week.  The hubby has been collecting cobblestones from the job site; he is working at and he has around a hundred of them to load onto the truck for me to bring home.  More projects in the works!

Hope you have a great week.


Far Side of Fifty said...

Oh my so sorry to hear about your Dads health struggles. Cancer sucks.
I hope the Doctors give some encouraging news.
You have been busy..seems like time goes faster everyday:)

Terry and Linda said...

I am so sorry about your Father! Cancer is the nastiest thing out there. I hope you get some encouraging news!! I really do. {{{HUGS}}}


Anonymous said...

Sorry to read this, prayers for you and your family..

Crystal said...

Oh no, sorry to hear about your Dad, cancer really sucks!
I been busy too not much blogging, been trying to find time to catch up and hopefully am, got a real long one done today, should be a little easier now.