Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Used but New

I bought a used saddle and bridle at a garage sale.  I needed another saddle that I could use that didn't weigh 50 lbs.  It isn't anything beautiful but it will work.  I needed another that would fit my derriere and not weigh a ton.  I only had one saddle that would fit my horses and be reasonably comfortable.  Now I have another. It will come in handy now that I have two horses that are rideable.  

Sirocco ended up not showing in the Western classes Sunday at the fair.  Sad face :(    Brian was too tired from the previous classes during the week.   I will show him in western classes next year hopefully.  We will see how long it takes me to learn what I need to learn to show.   Then again, I might leave the showing to Brian and stick to the regular trail riding and pleasure riding.  We shall see.

Hope you had a wonderful holiday weekend.


threecollie said...

You go girl, you can do it!

Shirley said...

Nice show halter. I hope the new saddle fits your horses, it has nice carving.
I was wondering why there was no report on his western classes. But hey- you can do that next year! (Of course you can!)

Terry and Linda said...

Good looking saddle! I hope you are able to show him next year!


Kathryn said...

It has been so long since I had horses and saddles. This just makes me smile. How nice you could find usable equipment second hand. Enjoy!

Paintsmh said...

You can do it Aunt Lisa! If I can manage it you certainly can!! Just have faith :)